Sunday, February 19, 2006

And another thing...

Those against evolution tend to straw-man biologists as all Darwinists or Darwinian, as if everything remains as gospel from the Origin of Species.

Cheap rhetorical bullshit as any biologist will tell you, most of whom may grudgingly acknowledge themselves as Neo-Darwinist if at all. Neo-Darwinism is the synthesis of Mendelian genetic inheritance with natural selection. Even this has been superseded by more recent developments: the Red Queen theory, symbiogenesis, and lateral nuclear transfer among them. So we have animals in an arms race with the germs they carry, germs Never has the thought of throwing our hands up in the air and saying the invisible man in the sky did it. No, the truth is far stranger than that placating bit of desperate hand-waving.

And there we have it. We are so unwilling to give ourselves over to the essential undesigned and unplanned nature of the universe. It is true that no one can prove conclusively that there isn't a god, since the only person who could know the cause of every action that ever happened or ever will happen by definition could only be an omniscient being. The atheism in modern evolutionary biology is what terrifies people into supporting intelligent design. If, as Dawkins said, Darwin made it possible for one to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, then what use is religion besides societal narcotic?

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