Sunday, March 26, 2006

half a million people protest HR4437 in LA

Wonderful for the Democrats, who now have a wedge issue to peel pro-business fiscal conservatives and Latinos away from Republican coalitions. As the demographic of America becomes ever browner, more Southern and younger, they will remember how an arrogant Red State (even though WI voted blue and is home to Russ Feingold) congressman tried to, as Hilary Clinton brilliantly framed it (observe and note this is why Hilary never has to worry about her base): 'they want to criminalize the Good Samaritan and Jesus'.
Please note, all of you who want a giant wall constructed across the Southwest, all of you who think that vigilante border patrols are the best short-term solution and throwing undocumented workers into lockup is the long-term solution: in a week maybe, the organizers of this march have gathered half a million people to action. Anti-immigration monomaniacs like Tom Tancredo, huff that police should check IDs; another brilliant idea to poke this hornet's nest. How about some realistic policy solutions, cause that wall you all fantasize and froth about is never gonna happen: it's a diplomatic nightmare to have such a security barrier in the modern democratic age aganst a country who you are not only friendly to but also one of the biggest trading partners of; its a financial lose-lose, costing outrageous money to build cuz after all, you can't use immigrant or slave labor as with the Great Wall, AND losing a significant portion of the revenue stream; if the motivation is a comfortable life in America, history has demonstrated that people's thirst for such happiness has driven them to do all sorts of amazing feats to come and live in the USA...what makes you think this wall will ultimately be any more successful than the Berlin Wall? or any less contrary to the American ideal of liberty?

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