Tuesday, April 25, 2006

this makes me queasy

British experts at Human Rights Watch and the British Transplantation Society suggest that China may be executing its prisoners to sell their organs. This has been widely hinted for years, and denied as rare but some facts have begun to leak out: China executes more people than any other country (3,400 last year) and of them has harvested as many as 3,000 organs last year, often involving corrupt officials dispensing the rights of families of the deceased. Suspiciously timed executions/transplants further suggest scenarios in which a sick patient in the West can buy the organs and have them put down for them, are more common than we want to admit. This raises so many questions about how the pre-lifers are going on about life beginning at conception, while other countries are vivisecting its political prisoners. If embryonic stem cell technology could be used to stop this ghoulish need, then there is a moral obligation to do so and I would say that a billion blastocysts are not more important one healthy human being. Will someone please tell me how this is morally preferable to cloning these organs? or even something more outrageous like hybrid animal-human organs? or organs developed in an acephalic clone(basically a human without a head, hence cannot feel or think or live independently)? As creepy as that may sound, I would take it any day over the current sorry state of organ politics.

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