Friday, July 21, 2006

barking mad

Set off by a rather silly analogy about mooing dogs made by the same-sex domestic partnership advocacy group Born Different, Focus on the Family has decided to go all out crazy on the choice-genetics controversy. From the Rocky Mountain madhouse of abused psychopath James Dobson and his Focus on the (Ass-)Fucking organization:
James Dobson's Colorado Springs-based ministry stands firmly against same-sex marriage, gay rights initiatives and, now, mooing puppies.

On Tuesday, Focus unveiled its new "straight" puppy Web site,, featuring a basset hound named Sherman, who barks as biology intended. During a news conference, a Focus employee dressed in a dog suit, who serves as a mascot at the group's visitors center, made a brief appearance.

"Dogs aren't born mooing, and people aren't born gay," a Focus news release stated.
There are lots of things dogs don't do, but only because they are physically impossible, like holding its dick while pissing. As for any other sexual behavior from masturbation to autofellatio to same-sex hijinks, few animals are more witnessed doing these things than dogs. All dogs don't even bark alike, much less act the same sexually. Over all same-sex relationships are not inter-species relationships. And while we are on the subject of what is 'natural', consider the wide breadth of species which engage in homosexual behavior from dolphins and penguins to octopuses and butterflies.

This is just more dehumanization of same-sex couples. All in all, the choice argument is as rational as arguing we should ban gay marriage to 'send a message' of some sort to the people of the Middle East.

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