Tuesday, July 04, 2006

independents' day

So a month before the primary The Ol' Heave-Joe is planning to cut-and-run from the Democratic party to run on the election ballot even if he loses the nomination to Ned Lamont. Wishy-washy senior party officials had already started the splitting of hairs, with Chuck Schumer commenting about 'degrees of independence' to the party, totally the wrong statement from the chair of the group most capable of wrestling control of the Senate from the group currently in control(which is busy seeking five more senators of its own to create a Social Security-destroying supermajority). So Joe held a presser to announce this the other day, mocking the independence our ancestors died for today. He made a variety of self-aggrandizing statements at this pity party, including the unctuous claim that 'higher loyalties' prevent him from standing aside if asked, all before ducking into a car to avoid questions. The attempt to bury this odious act of betrayal on a slow summer news day helped his opponent, pushing Lamont's online donation total at ActBlue over the quarter-million mark. If this goes down, how can the voters of Connecticut trust him to keep his word on anything? What bridge is Boltin' Joe prepared not to burn to stay in the Senate?

One statement in a follow-up interview with CNN's John King concerned how he would appear on the ballot (since he must collect signatures now if not under the Dems' banner): "I am not going to be unaffiliated if I have to petition my way onto the ballot.  I'm going to be a Democrat and I will caucus with the Democrats and look forward to caucusing with the Senate Democratic majority." However, CT law does not allow for such hair-splitting, even with Senator Schumer's largesse: party designation on state ballots " shall not incorporate the name of any major party"  Good luck running as a Liebertarian...those guys never win.

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