Thursday, February 23, 2006


I went to A'dam yesterday to meet with bloggers from America at the Cafe Amercain (natuurlijk). After a bit of waiting on the Leidseplein, we had a leisurely coffee over applegebak, with much talk of politics, podcasting and Dutch culture from the outside and inside. Afterwards, we all had Italian around the corner and scouted locations for photos. John from Americablog and Tony from Busblog were both quite captivated by the twinkly-lit canals, and despite older photographic equipment it seems John took better shots, except for one Tony took that was really well composed of a Febo automat: a shapely blonde in a ski hat stands on tiptoe as she places a coin in the slot for a kroket while an older man checks her out behind her back and the counterman grimaces at Tony. So much great stuff here.

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