Sunday, February 26, 2006

why HuffPo is so popular

Everyone might not believe a word when 'Hollywood liberals' open their mouths about the great social issues of the day, but it was pure genius to give them a 24/7 platform online to do so, more than any pre-meditated assemblage of figures designed to fill a platform of 'something for everyone.' Yes, there's a place for that, but people bookmark and comment on things they feel strongly about, creating a tension between the novelty and provocation of new content and a thematic consistency. Trying to maintain the same level of content on a variety of issues in the blogosphere requires either large amounts of sponsored dedication to those issues or large numbers of motivated users (i.e. Slashdot). HuffPo alone on the left seems to have both. And although we could consider the comments on HuffPo (or DailyKos) just as partisan, just as filled with hatred for Bush as the comments on LGF exhibit for Arabs, this does not have the same chilling effect on advertisers. Plus, we have Arianna, who a non-native dexterity with irony and metaphor and is always convienently 6 hours ahead of the rest of the country:
Bush hasn't vetoed a single bill in five years. Turns out his line in the sand can be found in the deserts of the UAE.

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