Friday, February 24, 2006


Captain: Senator Mendoza is one of the most respected citizens in this state, McBain. And yet, you ran his limo off a cliff, broke the necks of three of his bodyguards, and drove a bus through his front door!?
McBain: But Captain, I have proof dat he iz de head of an international drug cartel!
It was a spot-on throwaway gag on the cliche nature of action movies and their stars but McBain has proved to be a durable part of the Simpsonsverse. Which was why I was amused to hear that conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg has promoted the title of this entry as a shibboleth/secret handshake to indicate your rightward philosophy to fellow travellers, however disruptive the practical application of this idea may be. At first I thought it was because the fictional Mexican-American legislator/kingpin is the conservative nightmare, but no, Goldberg writes this in a curious response to his compatriots who couldn't understand why Arab men hold hands. He guesses the only heterosexually appropriate context for most of his readers to engage in this type of behavior would be if your partner, a day away from retirement, is assassinated by a corrupt government official. Ultimately, this is a thoughtful response to the people who take the possibility of being mistakenly thought of as gay way too seriously.

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