Tuesday, March 21, 2006

give us this day, our daily snark

Seasoned political strategists—and spouses—JAMES CARVILLE, 61, who helped orchestrate Bill Clinton’s winning campaign in 1992, and MARY MATALIN, 52, a longtime adviser to Dick Cheney, have signed on to counsel the candidates for school president.

What a great idea! Cute and insightful! Laugh a little, learn a little! The only problem we can foresee is that it can only last one episode:

CANDIDATE ONE: What is your advice, famous Democratic consultant James Carville?

CARVILLE: Here’s what you do: Build your reputation as a brilliant political strategist on one successful campaign that in the end did absolutely nothing to reverse your party’s 30-year free-fall, then become a tired (but well-compensated) parody of yourself on cable television.

CANDIDATE TWO: Do you have any better advice, longtime Republican adviser Mary Matalin?

MATALIN: Yes. Use your insider status and media know-how to ensure that your primary client has a slightly lower approval rating than Joseph Goebbels.

CANDIDATES (in unison): Please go away now.

From Wonkette

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