Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let Martha Be Martha

Craig X may not achieve the name recognition of Malcolm X, but his tell-all features a cast of characters with we all know:
"It's the tell-all that is shocking Hollywood's A-Listers. Craig X grew up in Beverly Hills, and opened a hemp and pot paraphernalia store in West Hollywood in the mid-1990s called 2000B.C. Soon he was selling bongs, pipes and marijuana to the rich and famous, and creating a secret place for them to enjoy their purchases in 'Bong Canyon,' which artificially simulated the Grand Canyon."

Author CraigX has recently turned to acting, playing the medical marijuana club owner on the Showtime Series "Weeds," where Mary-Louise Parker plays a suburban mom turned pot dealer.

Celebrities who are outted in the book: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Harrison Ford, Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore, Luke Wilson, Jack Black, Ricky Martin, Tori Spelling, Luke Perry, Ian Ziering, Eddie Griffin, the biggest shocker Martha Stewart, and more.

Readers get to find out: what prim and proper Gwyneth Paltrow thought when then fiance Brad Pitt took her to the store, what was really going on in Harrison Ford's trailer during the filming of his and Pitt's movie The Devil's Own, and how Kirsten Dunst showed CraigX that she was quite the marijuana aficionado.
WTF? Kirsten? Harrison? Martha?!?!? There is something so much different about cannabis than every other illegal drug, most markedly, that it is non-toxic. No marijuana overdoses, the only evidence of its ill-effects being tenous correlations to demotivation and even more dubious claims of carcinogenity. When this black market includes Martha 'Queen of Connecticut' Stewart, shouldn't we recognize that the post 9-11 era would be so much safer if she could just grow this in her garden, rather than being equated to a toothless meth addict. Let Martha's garden be filled with what the mother of my first boyfriend called the 'most difficult plant to cultivate'. I picture 30-ft tree-trunk-thick starbursts of G-13 fed by a whimsical antique-style hydroponics rig, followed by a section on threshing and grading your own Kush hashish, water pipe construction and making Bubbleberry scones. It's a good thing.

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