Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lieberman is not a liberal

A friend of mine just came out of the closet while training to be a submarine officer in Groton. I think its a very brave stand and I wish him the best of luck. But the elephant in the room is the senator from Connecticut, Joementum Lieberman, who has had a hand at every opportunity to stab his party in the back and destroy progressive ideals. From the LAT 2003:
On gays in the military, Lieberman has enunciated the now-discredited canard that 'homosexual conduct can harm unit cohesion and effectiveness.' (Tell that to the dozens of countries, from England to Israel, that permit openly gay troops in their armed forces.) In fact, Lieberman worked with Georgia's Sam Nunn to fashion the destructive 'don't ask, don't tell' policy, which resulted in escalating expulsions of gays from the military every year after it took effect. Its Catch-22 provisions have directly stimulated a rising wave of violent gay bashing and harassment in the military because victims can't complain without 'telling.'

It got a big response and I heard from people I hadn't heard from in years... decades. But then I got an e-mail from the Huffington Post saying "someone formerly affiliated with Lieberman" had challenged my assertions that Lieberman had made "racism quasi-acceptable by framing it as being against unfair affirmative action." The secret accuser also took exception to my assertion that Lieberman was a homophobe for conspiring with Jesse Helms and other far right extremists. It's hard to believe any close associate of Lieberman's would take this action and make demands of the Huffington Post without his knowledge-- if not connivance-- so I assume it is on Lieberman's behalf that he insists I either retract my statements or back them up.
What's more is DailyKos found out who wrote this on behalf of Lieberman, his senior adviser,In talking with a longtime political consultant recently, the inordinate, conspiracy theory-causing influence of the Jewish lobby was commented on; how they can call on the carpet anyone on the Democrat side. Just listent to what happened when Howie Klein published a diatribe against Lieberman on the Huffington Post: Dan Gerstein, whose pivotal career-boosting move was:
...collaborat[ing] with Lieberman on his renowned floor statement chastising President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky matter.

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