Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Parapolitics: First Candidate for Word of the Year

Wow, as a linguist, I love this term and its the first time I think I have ever heard it. This is within the context of a post here about the UAE:
The UAE is not only the center of financial dealings in the Persian Gulf, it is switching central for dope and arms dealing. The dope comes out of Afghanistan into the UAE where tax monies are collected and used to buy arms, which were sent back in for the Taliban. Some of this money is thought to have helped finance the 9-11 attacks. A money trail is set forth in the government's filings in the Moussaoui case

Turns out parapolitics might not be in the dictionary, but it does have a wikipedia article and a definition as 'covert politics', a classic which includes using activities such as espionage, drug and gun running, mercenaries, exile political activities, terrorism, organized crime, insider trading, international money laundering, assassinations, hacking, and voting system sabotage/manipulation used to control political institutions. The politics of secrecy, subterfuge and deceit; a perfect candidate for a neologism needed in today's political discourse.

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