Monday, February 27, 2006

Cory Dcctorow Interview at

DRM systems are usually broken in minutes, sometimes days. Rarely months. It's not because the people who think them up are stupid. It's not because the people who break them are smart. It's not because there's a flaw in the algorithms. At the end of the day, all DRM systems share a common vulnerability: they provide their attackers with ciphertext, the cipher and the key. At this point, the secret isn't a secret any more.

On IPTV program Democracy:Democracy is genius. It's a trivial platform for watching video on the internet. The experience of watching video on the net up until now has been really clunky - the browser's not a great tool for watching video on. The experience of publishing video on the internet has been even worse, because obviously you put a couple of gigabytes up and then you go broke! So by combining BitTorrent, RSS and VLC, they've really delivered everything you need in one package to publish and retrieve video and make it as easy as sitting down in front of the television.

On becoming a blogger:
Well I've always been someone who's interested in telling people about interesting things I've found. I used to edit a monthly column of ten things you should look at on the internet for Sci-Fi Channel magazine, 1990-95, so before the net really took off.

Mark, the Editor-In-Chief of Boing Boing, he had run the magazine as a print magazine. It went under when there was a big print die-off as the big magazine publishers went under and took all the mags with them, so he restarted it as a weblog - to try out Blogger for an article he was working on. It went very well, but it was only really a modest success...

Then when Dean Kayman invented the Segway, and announced it but didn't announce what it was, he said "The codename is 'Ginger', I've got investors but i wont tell you what it is." Mark went and looked up the patent drawing and published a picture of the Segway, essentially, and said that this is what it was. It ended up on CNN!

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