Monday, February 27, 2006

Mickey Macintosh?

I've always thought, when hearing about movie studios in Los Angeles complaining about computer technology being too effective at copying data, such that it's hurting their bottom line, that this was ironi considering Apple and Google and other tech companies enabling this technology are also in California a bit north and generate revenue an order of magnitude than the entertainment industry. But I was shocked to see this on /.
"This week, Barron's is suggesting that with Steve Jobs on board as the number one shareholder of Disney, following Pixar's acquisition, that Disney is ripe for the plucking for an acquisition by Apple. But look at the numbers. Apple has a $60 billion market cap, and Disney's is over $50 billion. Apple's cash on hand is in the $10 billion range. Wouldn't a Disney acquisition eliminate the possibility of working with NBC's shows on iTunes, or working with Viacom/MTV? It would seem the conflicts and competition would outweigh a purchase of Disney - Pixar or not."
What does this portend? What are the ramifications of such a 21st century merger? Will the Disney store and the Apple Store meld? What about Disneyland? And where's the Apple touchscreen/tablet with handwriting recognition?

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