Monday, February 27, 2006

from the "culture of life" file:

"The House That Straw Built" @Slate
The White House has spent the past week telling us not to worry about selling our ports to the United Arab Emirates, because DHS will still have Customs agents on the scene. At last, their logic is clear: News that a port is in danger will never make it up the bureaucratic chain at DHS, so we're better off bringing in an Arab company whose transmissions we have a chance to intercept.
"Year of the Rat" a classic rant (1998) @
Can anyone seriously doubt that given the boomers' penchant for sucking up all the shrimp and steak in the buffet line of life they are setting up the rest of us not merely to fork over ever more generous portions of our wages to fund their Social
Security and Medicare (hey, why shouldn't face lifts and Viagra prescriptions be covered?) but to deny us any last crumb of joy that comes simply from being younger than them? We have, after all, spent a lifetime being castigated for following in the boomers' footsteps and being found wanting: They were idealistic, we were cynical; they did drugs to open the doors of perception, we did them just to get high; they dodged the draft out of high moral purpose, we simply forgot to register for selective service at the post office; their congressional impeachment hearing was about a president fucking the country over, ours is about blowjobs; and on and on.
'Unintended Legal Horrors' from Reason's Hit and Run about the SD abortion ban:
On a somewhat less consequential front, this bill would also seem to outlaw in vitro fertilzation in which not all embryos are implanted in a patient's womb. To get around this problem, the bill might be interpreted to require that all embryos produced by IVF be implanted even if they are genetically defective.

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