Monday, June 12, 2006

this is why i don't play for the majors

I've been thinking all day about the appropriate not so snarky response to this NYT article about Meghan O' Sullivan, the mid-level staffer moving up the ranks due to her perpetually cheerful PowerPoint presentations. Matt Yglesias does this for a living and he hit the nail on the  head over at TAPPED pointing out that this is more than just another reminder that the President is a dim bulb intellectually:
The other thing is that even though the whole article's about Iraq, this isn't her exclusive focus. Instead, her job is "deputy national security adviser for Iraq and Afghanistan." Is there any reason to combine those two jobs? They're different wars happening in different countries. Surely each is important enough to have a separate mid-level staffer as coordinator. The only rationale for collapsing the two jobs would seem to be maintaining the fiction that invading Iraq was, like toppling the Taliban, a straightforward response to 9-11.

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