Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the unintended consequences of careless rhetoric

Ouch. So an rather unstable fellow in Kiev jumps into a den of lions, no doubt partly inspired by martyrs of yore, and proclaims that God will protect him from the savage beasts. Almost instantly, a lioness neutralizes this schizophrenic threat to her young by knocking the man down and severing his carotid artery (slicing his neck open with her claws). This story when I originally heard it grossed me out on several levels, but the worst part was when I found out about this further clarification to the ukranian guy's final words: he didn't just say "God will save me" but added the uncertain caveat "...if he exists". Now while I am all for the scientific method, I would argue that such an empirical test is rather wasteful while it proves the null hypothesis in a spectacularly gory way. Still, I am having trouble finding satisfaction if only because it seems alot of effort to objectively prove your atheism before people who value faith over such any swayings of reason.

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