Monday, May 15, 2006

the huntress

In Greek myth, hunters who stumbled upon the Goddess Diana in her bath would be transmogrified into a stag themselves, only to be hunted down by their former colleagues.
The wrath of the professor of gender studies at USC, Dr. Diana York Blaine, may not be divine, but it as sharp as lightning: in response to a cadre of conservative gadflies who have appointed themselves keepers of public morality, releasing her photos of her breats taken without permission from her Flickr stream. The final comment:
So exactly who is "concerned"? The news never makes that clear because what's really happening is the manufacture of a scandal, for all the reasons detailed above. The obfuscating language permits them to do this. Meanwhile over 2400 United States citizens have been killed in Iraq. But while I saw repeated televised images of my wonderful personal life and pixilated pictures of my breasts on television all day yesterday, I didn't hear those dead men and women discussed once.

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