Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Free Pfc. Pornstar!

So I have had the worst case of writer's block this month, thinking about potential posts only to have them suffer from a lack of words. But I'll just pull one amazing story from BoingBoing: the military made San Francisco into a gay mecca.

Wha? is I'm sure the reaction many of you might first have to Ask Yahoo!(them?) and this pearl of logic, but it fits. Consider the current don't ask, don't tell (DADT) policy of the American military. This of course has nothing to do with the boot-on-the-ground reality of, as Tony Soprano said a few weeks ago,
"This is 2006. There are fudge-packers in the Special Forces."
Nevertheless, it is considered an improvement in civility from days when inquistory tactics towards GLBT servicemembers had a more punitive aspect. Even so, we need look no further than to find members of the 82nd Airborne convicted of consensual sodomy, something no longer a crime in America thanks to the case of Lawrence vs. Texas. Yes, he was getting paid for doing it, but there is no other job in the US that would send him to jail for doing such a thing with another adult behind closed doors. And they get railroaded into prison time while in the same state everyone fusses over those lacrosse-playing douchebags who sexually assaulted a stripper and then subjected her to racist taunts. That's not even to mention the two boys in Arizona that got away with violently sodomizing younger boys under their watch as camp counselors.

Watching the video which implicated the paratroopers, Bareback Recruits 2, its easy to see why this stuck out and got those involved noticed: it's hot. What I mean by that is that despite low production values, the enthusiasm and vigor of the participants is strikingly natural and without internalized homophobia. You see, usually there is in gay porn a strong power dynamic linked to the gay-for-pay phenomenon, where you are see men who never get penetrated and men who are exclusively penetrated, the former considered more masculine compared to the latter. But all the men in the video perform both roles, without reservation or prophylatics. In a sense, they were too good at being porn stars for their own good.
During and following WWII, San Francisco was a major point of departure. Most of the man dishonorably discharged would be processed and released from bases in the Bay City. Gay men already in the armed forces also began to retire their after completing their service. In the 1960's, activist groups gained in membership and prominence. Today San Francisco has the highest concentration of gay men, gay women and same-sex couples in the world. I wish some of the people who say they love their country could love that fact.

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