Thursday, April 27, 2006


You know, I have to admit to more than a passing fascination with speculation and conspiracy theories, especially when they deal with real people. I usually think well so-and-so isn't smart enough to pull something like this off; but then I think, well that just means that they are stupid enough to try and rich enough to pay something smarter to get it done.

Sounds reasonable enough, but that's only to assuage my guilt at possibly being duped by some crackpot idea. I remember once falling for that old chestnut about 'gullible' not being in the dictionary, something I reflect upon when I hear the latest conspiracy theory about why oil companies might want political turmoil in the Gulf or how gay people have some sort of collective compulsory agenda. Nevertheless, I find this theory from FDL very accurate:
The spin, as I have before theorized, is to keep the country from believing that Rove is beyond a doubt, without a question, guilty. The spin is not aimed at Fitzgerald, but at you (and me and every other citizen) via the media “news/commentariat.” Like you say, “Who cares if it doesn’t effect legal outcome?”

Well, if this can be put off just about six more months, then the President (post-election) will be able to issue pardons. If the Republicans retain control of Congress, then the current spin will help them go out and support the pardons:

“This is an investigation that has gone on too long and produced very few results. We know less now than we did when the entire issue arose. I applaud the President in putting an end to this costly and unproductive process.” And as we all know, that is the civil version.

If Dems take control of one or both houses, the current spin and confusion still allows the President (who will be the lamest of lame ducks in history) to still make that same argument and the vast majority of people will agree. They will know something is fishy, but they will be happy to have that investigation — which is just so darn confusing — behind them.

So, the spin is for the Winter 2006 pardon strategy. Hence, Comstock’s involvement at every turn.

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