Friday, May 12, 2006

"Vessel" (Smallville)

I haven't been blogging much on the joys of
television. Even last week's Sopranos failed to sway me, although it
was better than the prior week's show. This week's Prison Break
episode, where Team Escarpara finally breaks out was intense. But what
really brought me out was this week's penultimate episode of
Smallville. After several seasons of mediocre, I was stunned. Of
course, my general barometer for Smallville quality is based on the
level of John Glover. Loved how quickly he went from Dad to 'do what
ya gotta do'. But to leave off, the forces of good are in sorry-ass
shape: Clark is imprisoned in the Phantom Zone; Ma Kent and Lois Lane
are on a plane to oblivion; Chloe and Lionel are trapped in the riots,
Lex is 100% evil now with a hot Zod injection; and Lana is his
love-slave. But whoa...Clark in the Phantom Zone. That is a whole
'nother cliffhanger altogether. It's good next season will be the last
cuz that is hard to top in a pre-Superman show. Brainiac was
Superman's deadliest enemy and always seemed to have him by the balls,
unlike hapless human multitrillionaire Lex. It's best not to think of
how much unbelievable there is, like Lana being the tougher street
fighter than Chloe; that no guns go off during the riot; the need for
the riot at all etc. Chloe seemed not her usual wunderkind self, but
her kiss at the end was totally in character and spectacular. I loved
John Glover's line about the Devil always coming ot collect on his
deals, a hat tip to his turn as Satan in Brimstone. Was interesting to
see Lex with super-powers, even if they made him a complete asshole,
chucking Lionel into his SUV. And hasn't Lana become the character to
hate...say what you will about motivations but still she was letting
Chloe get raped as she walked by. I think Papa Luthor to the rescue is
the only way to resolve this.

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