Thursday, March 23, 2006

cruelty-free bacon

Researchers working in my favorite science-fiction-made-real field of technology, tissue engineering, recently dined upon cloned filets of frog meat which they had grown in vitro. Although the initial gustatory reaction was mediocre blandness, the mere fact that they were edible signals an endlessly fascinating food item to come: meat without murder. Safe enough for your most righteous Buddhist, no hormones or antibiotics, no fat or bone, no foreign microorganisms or prions (BSE) and the technology itself could provide cheap and tasty protein to the future Zone-dieting masses. While work still needs to be done with lowering the time and cost of production, as well as developing more textured and flavorful products, I am looking forward to when even the most humble mini-mart can have a rack of fresh-grown meat products no animal was harmed in the making of. And those who dont feel guilty about killing the cow might be swayed by the products this opens to marketing: dolphin jerky, eagle wings, whale steaks, even a harmless human flesh. I wonder how Catholics would feel about a more authentic but still slaughter-free Host.

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