Wednesday, March 29, 2006

why girls make better resistance fighters

The easy construction of a Molotov cocktail makes it a standard weapon of guerrilla warfare and violent rioters, but it can be challenging for an amateur to make an effective device. The most common failure is in over-filling the bottle, as a full bottle will not ignite quickly when it breaks on impact (although it has a longer burning potential). For a device to explode rapidly on impact, the bottle should be only one-half to two-thirds full. However, one must consider whether the additional power is worth the risk of a premature explosion.

Another common mistake is failing to wipe down the bottle, which removes flammable residue, prior to lighting the rag. Yet another error is to use the ignition rag directly to stopper the bottle. Other common difficulties include failing to make an airtight seal with the stopper to prevent escaping fumes, a too-long or too-loosely secured ignition rag, using an inappropriate bottle (e.g., short-necked, wide-mouthed, too fragile, or too tough), and above all, mishandling after the rag is ignited.

A common modification is to use a sealed bottle of flammable liquid (still no more than two-thirds full), for example a liquor bottle with a screw-on lid, and tightly rubber-band a tampon (without applicator) soaked in flammable liquid to the neck. The feminine product holds a large quantity of liquid, does not degrade due to the corrosiveness of the petrol, and its lightweight aerodynamic shape causes less drag than would a rag. Using a sealed bottle prevents the thrower from dousing himself and those near him in flaming liquid when winding up to throw. In order to easily transport the device, the tampon can be wrapped in cellophane after being soaked in gasoline. A cigarette lighter can easily burn through the cellophane and ignite the tampon at the moment of use. It is thus possible for a woman carrying a bottle of liquor, tampons, a scarf, cigarettes and lighter to be in the possession of deadly ingredients that would ordinarily arouse little suspicion.

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