Monday, April 03, 2006

where's the future?

Apparently, some people already live there:
Since January: Koreans have been able to watch television broadcasts on cellphones, free, thanks to government-subsidized technology. In April, South Korea will introduce the first nationwide superfast wireless Internet service, called WiBro, eventually making it possible for Koreans to remain online on the go — at 10 megabits per second, faster than most conventional broadband connections.
Mr. Oh of the Communication Ministry said South Korea lagged behind American, Japanese and European competitors in robotics but was aiming to be No. 3 by 2013. While other countries have focused on developing military, industrial or humanoid robots, he said, South Korea decided three years ago to develop service robots that, instead of operating independently, derive their intelligence from being part of a network.
While competitors ooh and ahh over Steve Jobs' pitiful yet market-leading foray into portable video content, the South Koreans are now having their robo-butlers bring them lattes as they surf the web wirelessly from uber-slick Samsung cellies. They will have given away free jetpacks to every man, woman and child in Seoul before any big city in the US gets municipal broadband wireless, it seems.

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