Wednesday, June 14, 2006

we await silent tristero's empire

Well it looks like someone leaked out a 'confidential messaging' memo from House Speaker Boehner. Check it over at ThinkProgress.
After a bit of back-patting over things they had nothing to do with (Maliki's appointment as PM and Zarqawi's death) they outline three talking points for the upcoming election:
  1. 9/11 ad infinitum: continue conflating Iraq with Afghanistan using vague appeals to the thought-terminating cliche of retributive frustration at the WTC attacks.
  2. Bunch of Pussies: present an army of (conceding, weak, dangerous, Democrat) strawmen.
  3. Procrustean Politics: the election automagically becomes another forced choice between those who would protect us from crazy Islamic madmen and those who would abandon us all to ignominous dhimmitude.
But now that Dean has a copy in his hands, what can we expect for a response? "Together, we can do better"? Not gonna cut it. Reminds me of the part in Mean Girls when Regina cuts down Gretchen's attempt at trend-setting: "Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen!"

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