Friday, July 07, 2006

give it a rest already

Michelle, be honest. you drove her to her death. Denice Denton, the late chancellor of UC-Santa Cruz was guilty in your eyes of the heinous 'capitulationist' act of not prosecuting or punishing students whose protests forced military recruiters to leave the campus. Forget that the population of the campus didn't want recruiters there, you told your readers to 'take a stand' against Denton in particular, posting her address, email and number so as to direct a deluge of defamation. College students everywhere don't want to hear from the increasingly desperate recruiters, who go to college so as not to die in a foreign conflict working for US government wages.

'I didn't smear her', you say, as in the same breath you continue to call her capitulationist, as in wants to invite terrorists over for tea and discussions of the wonders of Sharia. That a California university administrator is the greatest threat to the military in the USA seems to you not a smear, but perhaps a neutral and objective characterization. Oh, yes you didn't use the word 'treason', only its cousin 'sedition', all the while waving the bloody shirt about it being a 'capitulationist' 'anti-troops movement'.

"But she was a public official", you whine, oblivious to how much you hated it when bloggers published your address online. The disconnect between your supposed values and your heinous actions could not be more appalling. of course any hate mail sent your way is cause for international concern UC Santa Cruz would not be the cause for an all-out smear campaign, but you decided to use your bully pulpit to encourage the harassment of the college chancellor, publicizing her personal address. How can this not be seen as a terrorist tactic, using fear to enforce opinion. Denice Denton wasn't Ward Churchill; she didn't pick this fight, you did and felt no guilt when you pushed her over the edge with your sinister VDare-powered wingnut legion.

And to add insult to injury, you defend your self against calls to say even one kind word after this tragedy by attacking your critics are against 'free markets, free minds, and free speech'. Said the pundit who wants to militarize the border and purge academics for expressing their dislike for her ideology. Mark Twain was right: it is better to say nothing and be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

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