Tuesday, July 25, 2006

in the event of an actual emergency...

...kiss your ass goodbye.

Surveillence Detection Reports (SDR) are secret government documents produced by air marshals working for the DHS. They record observations of 'suspicious characters' encountered by the marshals on commercial flights. Since July 2004, their bureaucrat bosses in Sin City have now said that they must submit at least one SDR a month, and if they don't, they lose any raises, bonuses, awards or new assignments through bad marks on performance evaluations. Thus, innocent passengers are put into an international intelligence database after doing nothing wrong. They could get barred from future flights and identified as a potential terrorist to law enforcement. One example had a guy put on the list for taking a picture of the Las Vegas skyline. These sort of designations prove impossible to undo, making the blithe assertions that this is 'no big deal' by officials contacted all the more frustrating. Not only that, by filling these databases with all sorts of false positives, it makes the putative goal of identifying the real threats that much harder.

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