Sunday, December 31, 2006

annual penance

Well its been two weeks since, I last here is a language-related selection from the top 100 new facts of the year from the BBC:
  • The word "time" is the most common noun in the English language, according to the latest Oxford dictionary.
  • Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobiacs is the term for people who fear the number 666.
  • English is now the only "traditional" academic subject in the top 10 most popular university courses.
  • Involuntary bad language, a symptom affecting about one in 10 people with Tourette's syndrome, is called "coprolalia".
  • The medical name for the part of the brain associated with teenage sulking is "superior temporal sulcus".
  • Cows can have regional accents, says a professor of phonetics, after studying cattle in Somerset
  • Thirty-four percent of the UK has a surname that is ranked as "posher" than the Royal Family's given name, Windsor.
  • The clitoris derives its name from the ancient Greek word kleitoris, meaning "little hill".
  • Publishers have coined the term "Brownsploitation" for the rash of books that have sprung up in the wake of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code blockbuster.
  • The term "misfeasance" means to carry out a legal act illegally.

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At 11:02 PM,

This is incredibly odd but...

... you live in my town and I am so happy to discover this fact. I'm not sure why. I think it is because you seem like a wonderfully enticing person and because perhaps it gives our little town some hope. Or maybe just because it makes me think that even in a town this small I'll never meet every interesting person and so I should meet with love each chance encounter .

Good luck to you in everything. Keep loving little Millis.

At 10:44 AM,

Awww...first comment of the new year and its one which inspires me. I spend so much time just explaining where Millis is and defending its existence that I never consider that there may be actual cool people that live here too. Thank you for reminding me that thoughtful and literate folks reside here still.




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