Tuesday, April 04, 2006

why haven't i met yer fishing buddy?

Finally. someone at HuffPo (other than Arianna) says something worthy of note:
Brokeback Mountain is a movie the public clearly wants to see. Wal-Mart will offer it to them at the lowest price possible. In fact Wal-Mart will offer it at such a low price, many video rental stores will buy their copies from there. Imagine the howls of protest from liberal activists had Wal-Mart decided not to carry the film, even though these activists claim not to shop there. Will the progressive community applaud Wal-Mart’s smart business decision to carry and promote the film?
Myself, I have been watching so much Prison Break over the last few days that when I think Montana and wide open praries, I think of the evil Vice President Caroline Reynolds, the spawn of Hilary and Cheney, torturing red bell peppers in an undisclosed location as she sneers at Veronica's mediocre education in law at Baylor. Is that wrong?

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