Friday, July 07, 2006

Pulling Back the Curtain

Pulling Back the Curtain, originally uploaded by LibertyCap.

Republican success in business is supposed to be a fait accompli, although the tacit assumption is that this good for the rest of economy. Which leads us to how Vice President Darth Cheney investing his Halliburton megabucks: by betting on bad news.
What bad news specifically?: a higher rate of inflation combined with a lower value for the dollar. And how much money exactly?: between $23 and $65 million in invstments with total assets as much as $94.5 million. For someone who spent most of his working life on the public payroll as a member of Congress or the Executive Branch, that is a unbelievable amount of money saved from five years in the private sector. Rather than show some confidence in the dollar and the war he started, Cheney is hedging his bets by investing $10-25 million in a foreign bond fund. Sure, defenders argue this is all being held in a blind trust away from his sway while he is in office. Although I wonder if the VP had information which is money manager to cash in on if he would really be unable to leak it. Of course, if Gore or Clinton had accumulated the same kind of wealth, the investigations would be going on right now. Of course, the Veep was unavailable and unwilling to comment about his pot of gold, as when Senator Patrick Leahy tweaked him about his Halliburton money and Cheney told him to 'go fuck himself'. His blind trust is a tattered curtain waiting to be torn.

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