Thursday, April 06, 2006

celebrating amidst catastrophe

Well this is my centennial post here under the Liberum Arbitrium banner, so I would feel a bit happy. would, that is, if I hadn't just spent all day reinstalling Windows XP after awakening to the Blue screen of death. The corrupted file system I tried desperately to save, which had every document, every music file and program I own on it, vanished in a digital hiccup. Argh!
It's times like this that I am glad information is being more and more distributed. After all, many people blog as a way of distributing their internal memories. I certainly try to comment on everything noteworthy as a way of reminding myself what exactly I was thinking about at a particular time. For many hardcore bloggers I'm sure looking back at a random day a number of months or years ago they will be able to reconstruct their thought process from postings.
Of course, I will now get tedious lectures on the need to back things up. Well I do back some things up, but you can't back up everything at once, so you do a bit at a time. Now all I can think of is that i won't be able to remember the files that I have lost, the pictures taken, or music I have been listening to.

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